How To Fix Not Enough Workers Problem In Cities Skylines

Learn how to fix the not enough workers problem in Cities Skylines by adjusting your education policy, improving your transportation network, and optimizing your zoning layout.
How To Fix Not Enough Workers Problem In Cities Skylines - GamingAlly

Cities Skylines is a popular city-building simulation game that allows you to create and manage your own urban metropolis. However, as your city grows, you may encounter some challenges and issues, such as the notorious “not enough workers” problem. This is when your commercial and industrial buildings complain that they don’t have enough employees to operate, even though you have plenty of available jobs and unemployed citizens. Why does this happen, and how can you fix it? In this article, we will explain the causes and solutions of the not enough workers problem in Cities Skylines.

The Causes of the Not Enough Workers Problem

The not enough workers problem can have several possible causes, depending on your city’s layout, zoning, education, and transportation. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Mismatched education levels: Different types of buildings require different levels of education for their workers. For example, offices need highly educated workers, while generic industry needs mostly uneducated workers. If you have too many or too few workers with a certain education level, you may have trouble filling the jobs in some sectors. You can check the education levels of your citizens and buildings by clicking on them or using the population overlay.
  • Poor transportation: Workers need to be able to reach their workplaces easily and quickly. If your transportation network is inefficient, congested, or incomplete, workers may have a hard time commuting to their jobs. This can result in long travel times, low happiness, and high abandonment rates. You can check the traffic flow and public transport usage by using the transport overlay.
  • Unbalanced zoning: Zoning is the process of assigning areas for residential, commercial, industrial, or office use. You need to have a balanced mix of zones to ensure that your citizens have enough places to live, work, shop, and enjoy. If you zone too much or too little of a certain type, you may create an oversupply or undersupply of jobs or housing. You can check the demand for each zone type by using the zoning tool.
How To Fix Not Enough Workers Problem In Cities Skylines - GamingAlly

The Solutions for the Not Enough Workers Problem

The not enough workers problem can be solved by addressing the causes mentioned above. Here are some tips and strategies to help you fix it:

  • Adjust your education policy: Education is important for your city’s development, but you also need to match it with your zoning strategy. If you want more offices and high-tech industry, you need to invest in schools and universities to produce more educated workers. If you want more generic industry and low-density commercial, you need to avoid over-educating your citizens and provide more uneducated jobs. You can also use policies such as Schools Out or Education Boost to influence your citizens’ education choices.
  • Improve your transportation network: Transportation is essential for your city’s mobility and accessibility. You need to provide efficient and diverse options for your citizens to travel between their homes and workplaces. You can use roads, buses, trains, metros, trams, monorails, ferries, cable cars, blimps, helicopters, or even walking paths and bike lanes. You also need to avoid traffic jams and bottlenecks by using proper road hierarchy, traffic management tools, roundabouts, one-way streets, bridges, tunnels, etc.
  • Optimize your zoning layout: Zoning is the core of your city’s structure and function. You need to plan ahead and zone wisely to create a balanced and realistic city. You can use different densities and specializations for each zone type to create variety and diversity. You also need to consider the location and proximity of each zone type to each other and to other services and amenities. You can use district tools and policies to customize each area of your city according to its needs and characteristics.

The not enough workers problem in Cities Skylines can be frustrating and challenging, but it can also be fun and rewarding to solve. By understanding the causes and applying the solutions, you can create a thriving and prosperous city that meets the needs and desires of your citizens. Happy building!

Frequently answered questions about Not Enough Workers Problem In Cities Skylines

How do I check the number of available jobs and unemployed workers in my city?

You can use the population overlay or click on the population icon on the toolbar to see a summary of your city’s employment status.

How do I increase or decrease the education level of my citizens?

You can build more or fewer schools and universities to provide more or less education opportunities for your citizens. You can also use policies such as Schools Out or Education Boost to encourage or discourage your citizens from pursuing higher education.

How do I change the specialization of my commercial or industrial zones?

You can use the district tool to draw a district over an area of commercial or industrial zones. Then you can use the specialization tab to select a specialization for that district, such as leisure, tourism, organic produce, oil, ore, forest, or farming.

How do I level up my buildings and what are the benefits?

You can level up your buildings by providing them with services and amenities that increase their land value and happiness. Leveled-up buildings have more capacity, higher tax income, better quality, and more attractiveness.

How do I prevent the death wave problem in my city?

The death wave problem is when a large number of your citizens die at the same time, causing a strain on your health and cemetery services. You can prevent it by zoning your residential areas gradually and evenly, rather than all at once. You can also use policies such as Free Wi-Fi or Recycling to increase the lifespan of your citizens.

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